Positivity Self Care

15 minute positive night time routine

One thing that has a huge effect on your mood is sleep. When we are well rested we feel happier, we have more energy and our mind is refreshed.

By following this quick routine just before bed, not only will you get a better nights sleep, but it will also help you to end your day with positivity! So if you need to reset your sleeping pattern, or find a way to end a bad day on a positive note carry on reading! There’s a little free download for you if you read til the end!

Put your phone on airplane mode.

We’ve all been there, we said we were going to get an early night and 3 hours later we are still aimlessly scrolling on social media! So to start off your positive night time routine, put your phone on airplane mode. This way you are not going to get any notifications tempting you back onto social media, and you can start to unwind. The blue light emitted by your phone actually reduces the release of melatonin in the brain, which is what controls our sleep cycle! So by putting your phone on airplane mode, you are allowing your body to relax and start to get ready for sleep!

Tidy or clean something for 5 minutes.

The next step is to set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes, and spend that time having a little tidy or clean. You might pick up some clothes off the floor, tidy your dressing table, give your bathroom a quick wipe over, or get rid of all the receipts in your handbag. Just find something small you can do, but make sure you only do it for 5 minutes! This isn’t the time to start re-organising your wardrobe or hoovering the whole house, it’s just a little tidy up. We have all heard the saying before tidy house, tidy mind and it’s true! Taking a little time to tidy, will create a more calm environment for you to relax in, and will also give you a small sense of achievement to end your day.

Make your room cosy

If you have lots of bright lights on, it’s going to be hard to switch off as it will still feel like daytime. Turn a small lamp on, plug in some fairy lights, light a candle and turn the big light off. By making the room darker, you’ll feel yourself relax even more and should feel extra cosy and ready for bed.

Have a shower

I know this is kind of obvious, it’s basic hygiene. But, did you know that having a warm shower before bed can actually help you have a better nights sleep? When you have a shower, the hot water and steam raises your body temperature, and then when you get out of the shower it lowers. This action of cooling down mimics what naturally happens when you fall asleep! So by having a shower before bed, your body will feel like it’s falling asleep as you cool down, making you feel tired, and more ready for bed. I also love to use a shower gel with aromatherapy oils in to make me feel even sleepier!

Write in a journal

Reflecting on the day can help to refocus your thoughts and help you stay positive. I like to write down what I did that day, how I was feeling, some things to be grateful for, and some things I want to do the next day. This helps me to process any thoughts I am having that day, reminds me of good things I already have in my life, and also helps me to set intentions for the following day. If you like the law of attraction, you can also write down some affirmations too!

By taking the time to write a few things down you can clear your mind, set yourself up for the following day, and end your day thinking about all the good things in your life. This should leave you with a calm mind and positive thoughts as you go to sleep. It also helps to make the next day more positive and productive too, as you can re-read what you’ve written in the morning! If you need a little help with this, I’ve created a free before bed reflection sheet that you can download at the bottom of this post!

These 5 simple steps should not take you longer than 15 minutes, and by the end you should be feeling positive, calm and ready for bed. If you still feel awake after following this routine, I would recommend reading until you feel tired, making sure you stay away from your phone! By switching off from technology, and creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere you should get a great nights sleep, and hopefully you’ll wake up tomorrow feeling even more positive!

If you have any other ways to end your day positively, or improve your sleep comment below as I’d love to know!

Stay safe & stay positive,

B x

Self Care

The Positivity Package

I recently discovered The Positivity Package on Instagram, and instantly ordered one as a little self care treat for myself. I loved it so much, it seemed like the perfect thing to base my first blog post on!

In case you haven’t heard of The Positivity Package before, it is a monthly subscription box filled with lots of treats to make you smile and stay positive. You can also order a one off box as a treat for yourself, or as a present for a friend. I think this would make the perfect gift to send to someone who is struggling during self isolation to try and brighten their day.

Not only do I think that this is a great idea, but the company also uses sustainable packaging, local businesses, and £1 from each box is donated to the NHS, which is absolute positive company goals! This is just their second monthly box and I am beyond excited to see this company grow.

Now onto what you all really want to see – the box!

My Positivity Package came beautifully packaged in a pink box that fits through the letterbox, so no social distancing worries here! The box was packaged in a matching pink mailer bag which is made from corn starch and 100% home-compostable so there is no unnecessary plastic!

Opening the box, you are greeted with a handwritten note which is a lovely touch, and a card detailing all the items in the box, along with the companies they are from. In the past I have had other subscription boxes, but I don’t think I have ever had one with so many items in it! They have very cleverly packed a lot into this box, and everything is of a really good quality from small businesses and a few better known brands.

Inside the box:

Some of my favourite items include the positive quote print from Designs You Love, which I am excited to frame and find a place for in my home. The biscuit from Biscuits and Bites by Betty was an absolutely delicious, soft, buttery shortbread, exactly what I needed this afternoon!

I was thrilled to see the to do list and pen as I had actually been looking at getting a nice pen, and this gold and marble one is definitely my style! The ‘Positive Vibes’ wax melt from Sassy Shop Wax was a very welcome addition, as I have actually run out of wax melts and am currently burning Christmas ones again.

Other lovely items included a Rose Quartz crystal, which after a quick google, I discovered helps to restore trust and harmony in relationships and opens the heart to self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. There was also some Doisy & Dam dark chocolate which is a nice treat and a Pukka turmeric gold tea which will make a nice change from my usual peppermint tea. The gold pouch is a great size is a lovely shiny upgrade from my current makeup bag.

From Sprinkle Club there is a sweet colouring in page and also a positivity word search, along with some colouring pencils perfect for when you need a screen detox. Lastly, there is a monthly affirmations sheet to fill out from The Positivity Package themselves, which is great to put up somewhere to remind you of your monthly intentions.

Overall I thought this was a really great subscription box and it definitely is a positivity package. A one-off package is £19.99 and the monthly subscription is £17.99 with free postage, and I think with the quality of the products inside, the support of small businesses and donation to the NHS this is pretty good value! I have previously paid £12.99 a month for other subscriptions which only had 5 items in, and this had 10 and are all things I would genuinely use.

If you are looking for a little pick me up for yourself or a friend I would really recommend The Positivity Package!

I purchased the one off box positivity package from their website here.