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Finding A New Normal

With things slowly starting to move back towards normality, a lot of us are heading back to work. However things are definitely not back to normality yet, and many people are experiencing mixed feelings about going back to work.

Lockdown took most of us by surprise, overnight we lost our freedom – no work, no socialising, no leaving the house. As it went on, we found new ways of living, and adjusted to our new lockdown lifestyles. Some of us really struggled, finding the loneliness and boredom unbearable, others enjoyed it and spent time with family, watched Netflix and chilled out.

Now that the government are loosening restrictions many of us are returning to work. And no matter whether you loved or hated lockdown, it is perfectly normal to feel anxious about returning.

It will be strange. For many of us, the way we work will be different. Some of us will now have to wear masks, gloves, visors and aprons whilst we work. We will have to distance ourselves from colleagues and friends, no matter how much we missed them. And there are endless rules and regulations to now follow.

So it’s no surprise that people will feel anxious about returning to work. Because we are not returning to the work we knew, things will be different. It will take time to adjust to a new way of working, things will continue to change with government guidelines, and it will be a long while before things feel normal again.

But we will find a new normal, like we did during lockdown. This time has brought out an incredible sense of community spirit, with more people looking out for each other than ever before. For every annoying and rude customer who ignores social distancing rules, there will be countless more, who will thank you for coming back to work and doing everything you can to keep each other safe.

Getting through lockdown is an incredible achievement. To have gone through a challenge, that no-one anticipated or prepared for, and to come out the other side, that shows you are strong.

So while you may feel anxious returning to work, know you are not alone, and that is completely normal to feel that way. Take it slow, follow the guidelines, and remind yourself of all the things you have to be grateful for.

You made it through a global pandemic.

Go you.

As always stay safe & stay positive

B x